Check-in and check-out

Check-in will be available from 14:00 on the day of arrival. (Unless stated otherwise).

Check-out is by 12:00 on the day of departure. (Unless stated otherwise). The delay in the output phase will be interpreted as a breach of the rental conditions and therefore punishable.

If the customer does not arrive on the date provided in the rent, for any reason must promptly inform Ibiza My Holidays.


• 50% of total, before arrival, by bank transfer. • Cash on delivery of the keys.


The amount of the deposit agreements with us earlier, is variable depending on the amount and the total rental value of the property, and must be delivered together with the total balance in cash upon delivery of the
keys. The repayment of this amount will be filled at the time of departure, once verified the inventory and condition of the structure.

The price includes:

a) Furniture.
b) Cutlery.
c) Set of saucepans and utensils.
d) Electricity, gas and water (with some exceptions).
e) Maintenance of open spaces.
f) Sheets.
g) Towels.
h) Cleaning supplies (broom, mop, etc. ...)
i) Initial cleaning of the property (before the customer) to be delivered in optimal conditions.
j) on-site service.
Everything in proportion to the number of persons covered by the rental agreement. If the number of people is
higher than reported, agreed and allowed the customer can’t claim lack of material. It will not be allowed and tolerated in any case the accommodation facilities in a larger number of people that indicated without being previously reported and accepted by Ibiza My Holidays.


If objects, furniture and tools were to be compromised, broken and not in good condition when you arrive you must immediately inform our staff who will repair them as soon as possible.
Customers will be held accountable for flaws and damage to property, will be charged against them the costs of necessary repairs, after a "bad habit", omission and negligence in the maintenance of objects, furniture, tools and accessories that are present in 'property at the entrance.


Our staff and the owner can’t be held responsible for irregularities and failures with regard to water, electricity and telephone supplies, etc., when these are produced by third parties or public entities involved with the work in the vicinity.

Home Cleaning

The property must be left clean as it was delivered on arrival. We invite you to be particularly vigilant on this point when you arrive. If this clause is not respected, a sum of variable amount will be deducted from the deposit.

Change linens

Will be made one change a week of bed linen and towels.


The garbage must be placed in containers (gray, green), you'll find along the streets. If you do not throw the same garbage, the cleaning ladies do it for you with a load of 20 euros per week.


The property can’t also be devoted to other activities (organizing events, private parties with live music, commercials, etc. ...) different from the performance of a satisfying vacation, without the prior consent of Ibiza My Holidays.


If after confirming the location of a property and accept the conditions you want for any reason terminate this agreement, you must advise us in Ibiza My Holidays as soon as possible and with a minimum notice of 60 calendar days from the date of arrival, so that the 'property could be offered and granted to other customers. If you were to proceed on schedule I.P. will donate the entire amount paid (if paid) to its customers. If not complied with the terms of notice Ibiza My Holidays still will try to cover even cancel the reservation until the last day, to meet the customer's problems. If you are unable to cover the IP reservation canceled withhold the amount of total or partial payment.


The structures have no phone, so make a cell phone to be available.


The loss or failure to return the keys, we are forced to deal with the owners to deduct from the deposit the monetary value required to replace the lock and labor. 


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