Favorite beach for island residents, backed with high cliffs, official nudist beach, but still very mixed, some go naked, others do not.


Location: 10 minutes drive from San Carlos
Facilities: Loungers, parasols, restaurant, beach bar
Activities: Relaxation!
Size: 300 m long and 15 m wide

Aguas Blancas is one of the favourite beaches for island residents. Backed with high cliffs, it has very unblemished surroundings, with golden sand that is soft and fine. It is an official nudist beach, but still very mixed, some go naked, others don’t.

On less windy days the water is incredibly clear, perfect for snorkelling – there are two interesting rocks only 30 m away from the shore and on the right end of the beach a little cove can be discovered.

However, it often gets quite wavy at Aguas Blancas, typified by a fresh wind that is ideal for working on the tan. The seabed is sandy but interspersed with rocks, so look carefully where you go.

Due to the quite difficult access, the beach isn’t crowded even in the August peak. On the far left there is an area, which is only reachable over a rocky part on the shore, here no loungers are found and it is incredibly peaceful. After 5 p.m. the beach also gets shady because of the high cliffs.

Facilities: One popular beach bar on far right, an island institution, loved by residents and hippies, and a restaurant in the middle of the beach, where toilets can also be found.

Getting there: Reached only by car. On the road from San Carlos to Cala San Vicente, turn right at the Aigües Blanques sign. If you follow the sandy lane straight on, you come to the middle of the beach where there is a parking area (small fee) at the top of the cliff, the access to the beach is down a steap way and some steps.