Surrounded by pine forested hills, this protected little sandy cove is a favorite for residents and private boat owners as no tourist ferries ever get here.


Location: 15 minutes drive from San Antonio
Facilities: Sunbeds, parasols, showers, lifeguards, parking, access, parking and toilets for the disabled, restaurant
Activities: Pedaloes
Size: 200 metres long in total, 5-30 metres wide

Surrounded by pine forested hills, the small, protected sandy cove of Cala Salada is a favourite for residents and private boat owners as no tourist ferries ever get here. The water is beautifully clear and perfect for swimming.

On the rocky promontory to the right is a picturesque stone tower with paths leading over the top to the little fringe of sandy beach beyond (popular with naturists). To the left are boathouses built into the rock. Well trodden paths leading into the hills are popular for walks in this unspoiled area. San Antonio is the closest resort with a wide variety of accommodation option available to suit any budget.

The Caves at Ses Fontanelles
These are famous for cave paintings dating back to the Bronze age. For the explorers amongst you, just before you reach the entrance to the bay, turn off to the right and drive up the camino (dirt track). You will have to park the car and continue on foot up the cliffs to the caves at Ses Fontanelles.

The walk is long, but the views from the cliffs are incredible. The caves are actually more of an overhang and are protected by iron bars, which means you unfortunately won't see much of the cave paintings which date back to the Bronze age. However if you still have the energy, you can climb down the enormous stone steps to the sea, where you can bathe in complete privacy. Please be careful.

Facilities: A very good beach restaurant which is extremely popular with the locals.

Getting there: Reached only by car, follow signposts North from San Antonio. The road meanders down a steep gradient to this very popular beach. There is now a parking area in the shade of pine trees with a footpath to the beach and parking is not allowed on the approach road. Special parking and toilet facilities are available for disabled people right by the beach.