Already a recognised heavyweight in the UK clubbing landscape, Sankeys opened its Ibiza branch in 2011. Although a newcomer on the island, Sankeys has made a very strong name for itself as a rave haven for lovers of underground dance music. Sankeys keeps visuals and entertainment to a bare minimum; one goes for the music, so be ready to dance. 

Located in Playa D'en Bossa, in the street opposite Garbi Hotel, Sankeys is a 1500 capacity club with 3 rooms, roof terrace, amazing VOID sound system, body sonic dance floor and a great choice of nights for Ibiza.

Entering Sankeys the first room you will find yourself in is the famous Basement. A low ceilinged box-like room, with DJ booth centred at the far end and a very small VIP section on the left, the Basement is the essence of no-nonsense underground clubbing. Quality LED lighting gives the room a flashing nightlife touch, but essentially, you will come here for a nice sweaty rave - stages and light shows be buggered.

To your left is a smaller room, also with low ceilings, which is often run by other promoters as an alternative to, or in conjunction with the main night. This has a few seating options and is nice for a change from Basement mania.

To the right of the Basement was The Box, which was renamed the Acid House in 2012, then re-renamed The Lab for 2013. Sankeys has performed major renovations on this room and the final result is still under wraps. The Lab does have higher ceilings, a balcony vip section and a tiered dance floor... you'll find out the rest soon!

Sankeys has been a UK clubbing institution in Manchester since 1994, but didn't appear on Ibiza's shores until 2011. After a rough start in its first year, Sankeys Ibiza completely took off in 2012, and by the end of the year had established an unshakeable reputation for quality underground music. Sankeys has huge plans for 2014, and owner David Vincent has closed his Manchester club indefinitely to focus more on the Ibiza branch, and the steadily growing global Sankeys locations. 

Famous for: Its basement, underground music, popular with workers, warriors bandannas.

How to get there: €25 cab from San Antonio, €10 from Ibiza Town. Disco bus service also run these routes.

Popular parties: Viva Warriors, Tribal Sessions